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Sobajo Oguntope


Sobajo Oguntope is an astute leader recognised for exemplary leadership and transparency. She’s a pioneer graduate of Human Biology from the college of science at Afe Babalola University, Ado-Ekiti. She was the Chairman of the planning committee for the final year week of the PACESETTERS ABUAD CLASS ’13. She’s a true leader, brilliant and result oriented personality, a public and motivational speaker, and shows respect to all. She is a role model to all Abuad students most especially the females.

Osagie Ayodeji F.

Vice President (South-West)

An unassuming character who holds a bachelor’s degree of science from the college of science, ABUAD. He was the PRO1 for the Planning committee for the final year week Pacesetters ABUAD class’13 and also adds to his credit several academic and social awards. He is an embodiment of creativity, a researcher, a sport man, and a good team player.

Ugochukwu Paul Ubah

Vice President (South-East)

Ugochukwu Paul is an economist, critic political and religious figure, highly rational, logical, revolutionary and augmentative in disposition, He loves what he does and how he does it, uniquely made for a unique purpose and won’t settle for less. He is what he is, He is different.

Odebunmi Oluwabukola Opemipo

Vice President (North-Central)

Odebunmi Oluwabukola holds a B.Sc degree in computer science, from Afe Babalola University, Ado-Ekiti. He likes to approach things in life with a positive attitude, and has the ability to use initiative and make fast decisions when necessary. He also has the ability to interact with diverse personalities and is a good team player.

Laoye Babafemi John

General Secretary

Laoye Babafemi is a Human Biologist, a pioneer graduate of a world class university (ABUAD), had his secondary Education at All Saints’ College Ibadan and later bagged the degree of Bachelor of Science (Hons.) in Human Biology with first Class at Afe Babalola University. He was a receiver of the founder’s Award thrice at ABUAD and also won an Award as the Most Disciplined Student of ABUAD Class ’13 and was also a member of ABUAD Choir.
Babafemi is a jovial and a disciplined young Man who loves drums and sports, he also has a strong liking for the African culture which reflects in his dressing, speech and way of life. Babafemi is currently working on some research with renowned scientists and professionals in the field of Science.

Bankole Oluwamolakun

Liaison Officer I

Bankole Oluwamolakun sees herself as a young and enthusiastic person with a highly inquisitive mind, making her forever curious about the things that surround her. It is for this reason that she has gradually developed the strong desire for the mysteries of science. Currently interested in health-related scientific research, She hopes to make a great name for herself in this area someday and use this medium to make an impact on the people around herself and the society as a whole.

Alofe Bidemi Damilola

Secretary (North Central)

Im cool

Makanju Aderonke Abisola

Financial Secretary

Economist, Entrepreneur, and Baker.

Akomolafe Adesola Busola


Akomolafe Adesola is an Accountant. The pioneer Valedictorian of Afe Babalola University. I am currently a student member of ACCA and I lecture at the prestigious Afe Babalola University. Ado-Ekiti.

Oluwatuyi Fiyinfoluwa Ayodele

Welfare Director

Oluwatuyi Fiyinfoluwa Ayodele is a pioneer graduate of Afe babalola University with a B.Sc degree in accounting and also a diploma in e-technology and software engineering from the national institute of information technology. She is a detailed, assertive, and articulate individual, and is often keen on exploring her skills and knowledge in search of new grounds.

Bashir Faisal


Bashir is a pioneer graduate of ABUAD, Economics department from the College of Social and management Sciences. He has credit several social, fashion, and academic awards. He’s an exemplary leader, a public speaker, an intelligentsia, an actualizer and of all believes in simplicity as it’s key to building better people and society.

    Anyadiegwu Amaka